Simpson Strong-Tie has introduced the HYS hybrid strut, the first cold-formed steel (CFS) strut to be assembly tested for both slide- and rigid-clip applications. Commonly used at the bottom of steel beams to accommodate standoff conditions, the HYS can be attached with screws, power-actuated fasteners or welds, allowing erectors flexibility for improved jobsite efficiency and productivity.

Input from CFS erectors in the field was central to the development of the HYS, which also included comprehensive component-to-steel-fixture, assembly and anchor testing. Real-world assembly testing further allowed Simpson Strong-Tie to tabulate accurate loads based on both strength and deflection to assist in mitigating design risk.

“The HYS is designed to deliver a wide range of solutions so builders and contractors can work the way they want to work,” says Simpson Strong-Tie product manager Clif Melcher. “In addition to the versatility of both slide- and fixed-clip installation, the HYS can be welded or attached with a variety of different fasteners, and comes in a range of standard sizes to match popular applications in the field, providing contractors with an easy, test-verified and foolproof choice for their CFS strut needs.”

For installation as a slide connection, the HYS easily attaches with shouldered screws driven through the slotted holes. The clip comes with shouldered screws specially designed and precision-manufactured to prevent over-driving and to ensure that the connection functions properly in slide applications. For installation as a rigid connection to support gravity and lateral loading, the clip can be attached with No. 10 screws through the small predrilled holes. Additional features of the HYS include the following:

  • A Simpson Strong-Tie No-Equal stamp marking the center of the HYS slots to help ensure correct placement of shouldered screws
  • HYS slots positioned to minimize eccentric loads and maximize capacities
  • Up to 1" of vertical moment in each direction when shouldered screws are centered in the vertical slot for slide applications
  • Availability in standard lengths of 12", 15", 24" and 30"

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