S2A Modular – creator of the first electrically self-sustaining, custom and smart-connected #GreenLuxHome luxury residences, apartment buildings, multi-family homes, hotels and commercial buildings – today announced the significant expansion of its executive and sales teams with the appointment of four chief officers and three sales managers who are positioned to help manage the company’s aggressive strategy to rapidly scale its modular home manufacturing capabilities throughout the United States.

At the core of these executive appointments is Larry Braden, S2A Modular’s new Chief Financial Officer. Larry brings more than three decades of corporate finance and compliance experience and is now in charge of all financial operations at S2A Modular. Larry earned his CPA with Deloitte and has worked at increasing levels of responsibility in finance at several world-class companies including PricewarehouseCoopers, Paramount Pictures, Time Warner, Universal Music Group, T-Mobile, Microsoft and Vulcan Inc., Paul Allen’s investment company based in Seattle. He was also a highly experienced commercial real estate and business broker in California and Washington specializing in business representation, valuation, and commercial real estate.  

Gary Eagleton, one of the industry’s most respected modular construction experts, takes over as Chief Operations Officer to handle the challenging task of designing, implementing and managing the many operational processes required for the construction of all S2A Modular MegaFactories, as well as the finished homes and commercial properties built by the company and its licensed partners.

Dean DeLisle, founder of Chicago-based social media and influencer marketing company Forward Progress, takes over as Chief Marketing Officer. Dean brings with him years of experience in marketing and real estate and is using his vast knowledge of lead generation, digital marketing and social media engagement to help support the company’s sales and marketing efforts.

As part of the chief officer expansion, Ryan Leusch, one of S2A Modular’s first hires, was promoted to Chief Sales Officer and is using his expertise in business development, emerging technologies and renewable energy to lead company’s sales operations. S2A Modular’s expansion also included the addition of three sales managers. Based in Riverside County, Rob Grable heads the Southwest region of the country, Nicole Surber, based in Northern California, heads the Northwest region, and Maureen Nesbit is based in Chicago and heads the company’s Midwest region.

“S2A Modular is rapidly expanding its operations to build 35 MegaFactories throughout North America and we knew that would require some of the best talent in the business. I am extremely confident we put the right people in place to help us accomplish this goal,” said Brian Kuzdas, CEO and co-founder of S2A Modular. “Bringing in world-class talent allows us to show our investors, partners, and customers, S2A Modular’s commitment to continue innovating and developing the most technologically advanced and sustainable modular homes and commercial properties in the world.”

With two MegaFactories already in the early stages of construction, S2A Modular is counting on the new executives and sales managers to accomplish the company’s goal of quickly establishing the next round of MegaFactories in the Seattle, Phoenix, Dallas, Denver, Chicago, Nashville, Miami, Charlotte and Washington DC metropolitan areas. S2A Modular’s first two MegaFactories in Northern and Southern California are expected to come online by the fourth quarter of 2020, and the establishment of all 35 MegaFactories is expected to be complete by 2023.

“We’re incredibly excited to welcome a very talented group of professionals to the S2A Modular family, and we know they are all going to work hard to meet the company’s strategic goals and our commitment to providing the highest quality products and services to our customers,” said John Rowland, president and co-founder of S2A Modular. “Everyone on the S2A team plays an important role in leading our national expansion efforts, and I am confident we have the right team for the job.”