Even with over 40 years in the spray foam industry, Tom Harris isn’t comfortable with the term “expert.” He’d refer to himself as a seasoned veteran of the polyurethane foam industry. Yet, it’s undeniable that he possesses great knowledge on the subject, knowledge that our industry could benefit from.

Harris joins WC’s John Wyatt and Hannah Belloli to talk about his journey with the industry. Harris discusses his career and how he ended up where he is today. He talks about his observations of the industry over the years, and some of the common mistakes he still sees contractors making today.

“I see a lot of contractors picking and choosing which safety measures they’re going to implement on the job. Safety is non-negotiable and it must be the top line in any construction related company–for so many reasons,” Harris tells WC.

Harris is hoping to help architects and contractors alike by bringing out a new training program in the new year designed for every person in the spray foam industry, from owner to applicator. He is working on a number of lectures for the design community as well as influencers.

“The design community is another audience that needs our support…there should be someone in there organization that knows everything that’s needed about products and applications,” Harris says.

You can learn more about what’s to come for the spray foam industry, future topics WC plans to cover with Harris and more by listening to this episode of “If Walls Could Talk.”

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