The company’s panels have acoustic properties that significantly reduce sound pollution in enclosed and semi-enclosed spaces. The panels sound attenuation challenge while providing beautiful visuals through wood-like finishes. The line is a ceiling and wall paneling system with the look and feel of natural wood and the sound attenuation properties of PET board. While PET boards have excellent sound attenuation properties, they may lack the aesthetic finish to add a beautiful look to a room. BTW's real-wood look is an option that provides effective sound attenuation without sacrificing appearance. The panels offer such benefits as:

  • Providing a cost-effective, maintainable biophilic element that mimics natural materials.
  • Simulating the rich color, grain and warmth of natural wood.
  • Guaranteeing a lasting wood aesthetic and ambiance.
  • Delivering superior acoustic qualities that rival other acoustic products.
  • Having a wide range of better-than-wood benefits at a fraction of the cost of natural wood.