In this special episode of “If Walls Could Talk,” W&C Publisher Jill Bloom speaks with John C. Turner Jr., President, and CEO of Gypsum Management & Supply. He explains what could be in store for the construction industry in 2023, as well as how it could affect GMS. He also talks about the company’s commitment to going the extra mile for the customer, including making deliveries at odd hours and ensuring that the materials are ready-to-go for the customers; training and how contractors can improve their knowledge in many different facets of the job; plus the importance of safety at job sites. And of course, keeping the company on a path that ensures top-notch customer service and an appropriate price for materials/goods/services.

“In this industry scale is important,” says JT. “At the end of the day, you do need to be able to deliver solutions at a market rate.”

“Our mission is to create opportunities that build to deep relationships, so you can see there is this inter-mix aspect to the business. We really want to know our customers and to trust us but we also want our suppliers to feel the same way,” he says about GMS’s culture and mission. “We’ll do what our customers need us to do to help them be successful on their projects.”

For next year, he believes single family construction is going to be a challenge, the offset to that is multi-family looks very strong, and the commercial sector will continue to recover (though at a slower pace), however, increasing interest rates may slow that recovery.