The ACI Foundation has created a new fellowship to honor the retirement and legacy of ACI Executive Vice President Ronald G. Burg. Burg has held the position of ACI executive vice president for 13 years, and his visionary leadership has initiated substantial positive changes in ACI, one of which was strengthening the ACI Foundation, its impact and the culture of philanthropy within the ACI community.

Burg became ACI executive vice president in 2010 and is the seventh person in ACI history to hold that position. During his time as ACI EVP, Burg has championed the philanthropy of the ACI Foundation to ACI members by actively supporting student scholarships, research grants and innovation forums. His passion for supporting students recently resulted in him joining with Past President Jeff Coleman to fund the ACI Foundation Burg-Coleman Iowa State 77 ACI Fellowship.

“Ron has provided a greatly expanded view of the Institute,” stated ACI Past President Randall W. Poston. “Ron has taken the Institute to an entirely new level with its Resource Centers, Centers of Excellence, the addition of AOE as a subsidiary and the ACI Foundation as a visible presence for member philanthropy.”

The new fellowship, once fully funded, will be available for student applicants who are graduate or undergraduate students studying in any concrete-related field. The award funding will be distributed in increments of $15,000 to benefit one student annually. A $10,000 educational stipend will go to the student to cover tuition, books and supplies and $5,000 to cover expenses to attend three ACI Concrete Conventions, one of which will include an in-person interview with the Scholarship Council.

To contribute to the Ronald G. Burg Leadership Fellowship and for more information, visit or contact Kari Martin, ACI Foundation Fundraising Manager, at or +1.248.848.3757.