The EIMA Promotion Working Group announced the launch of an AIA course titled “Performance and Design Benefits of Today’s High-Performance Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems with Drainage.”

The course marks the first time that EIMA has launched an AIA-CES educational offering on behalf of the industry in several years. The course is meant to provide a general overview (e.g. EIFS 101) on EIFS with drainage. The course-taker will learn the outstanding performance attributes of EIFS with drainage and how EIFS has evolved and offers drainage, AWRBs and finishes more than ever.

To expand reach, EIMA engaged professional copywriters and is housing the course on Hanley Wood University’s portal.

While Hanley Wood is promoting the course as part of its university offering, EIMA encourages members to publicize the availability of the course so that as many architects and designers as possible can get educated about today’s EIFS with drainage.

The hour-long online course went live on Dec. 13, and over 1,000 architects enrolled in the course through Jan. 11.

For any questions or additional information about the course, contact Laurie Joseph, EIMA’s Senior Director, by phone at (703) 538-1615 or via email at