Werner will once again partner with the Occupational Safety & Health Administration on the annual National Safety Stand-Down Initiative. Supporting site and safety leaders, the training events help raise awareness about fall hazards to help keep professionals safe on the work site. These events are critical to safeguard construction and trade professionals, and Werner is committed to offering the knowledge, resources and tools to ensure professionals arrive home safely every day.

“We typically start preparing for Safety Stand-Down almost a year ahead of time,” said Chad Lingerfelt, Werner National Safety and Security Director. “Last year, we were doing on-site trainings up until the last day of May. A week later, we held our annual Learning Circle event. That’s where we pull all of our lead trainers together to share any learnings from the prior year and go through a comprehensive, two-day refresher course.”

Why the National Safety Stand-Down Matters

Fatalities caused by falls are a leading cause of death for construction employees. In 2022 alone, these tragic incidents accounted for 395 out of 1,069 construction fatalities, according to BLS data.

During the OSHA National Safety Stand-Down event, which is scheduled for May 6-10, workplaces are encouraged to proactively talk about the importance of safety and best practices to keep employees safe. Recognizing the need for job site flexibility, Werner provides focused Stand-Down training throughout May and additional educational safety training and resources year-round to allow access when needed.

Werner to Provide Hands-On Safety Training Events and Webinars

With a total of 500 safety events scheduled nationwide, the Werner National Job Site, Safety and Security team will be traveling the United States to lead training sessions. Any safety leader or employee committed to workplace safety can participate in the events. From commercial construction firms to general industry employers, Werner will offer training to more than 65,000 job site professionals. In addition to the on-site trainings, Werner is offering access to free webinars and training content online.

  • Training Events: Throughout May, Werner will host on-site training events focused on fall protection, ladder safety and general job site safety best practices. To schedule a safety training, visit Werner Safety Scheduling. End users who participate in the Werner Safety Stand-Down job site trainings will receive a certificate of completion for proof of training.
  • Webinars: Werner safety and technical experts will offer free training webinars for both English and Spanish speakers focused on fall protection basics and safety tips. The educational, on-demand webinars are designed for industry professionals, including end users, general contractors and safety directors. For those who are not able to participate in real-time, the recorded webinars will be accessible for free on the Werner Safety Page. The webinars are scheduled on the following dates.
    • Friday, May 3: The ABCs of Fall Protection, offered for English-speaking users — hosted by Chad Lingerfelt, National Job Site Safety and Security Director.
    • Friday, May 3: The ABCs of Fall Protection, offered for Spanish-speaking users — hosted by Angel Jimenez, National Job Site Safety and Security Manager.
    • Wednesday, May 15: Rescue Basics of Fall Protection — hosted by Kevin Denis, Technical Services.
  • Global Learning Platform: Werner is a leader in the manufacturing and training for climbing and fall protection equipment and extends the education platform beyond May. The company provides year-round training programs to ensure end users have the knowledge and skills to stay safe while working at height. Industry professionals can access virtual training options anytime through Werner’s global learning platform, which provides a wealth of knowledge, including a library of training materials.

Werner, along with the other national partners and companies involved in OSHA’s yearly Stand-Down Initiative, encourages workplaces to discuss safety, potential fall hazards and the importance of fall prevention. Construction pros and employers who are interested in accessing a higher standard of safety are encouraged to participate by signing up for a training in-person or virtually. For more details about the National Safety Stand-Down initiative, visit https://www.wernerco.com/us/safety/safety-training.