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Year founded: 1998

Purpose or mission statement: To fully enable and encourage the widespread, practical and economic use of, and preference for, light-gauge steel framing in residential construction.

NASFA President: Donald R. Moody, P.E.

Board members, titles: James Bruhn, chairman, from GalvPro; Burt Caldwell, vice chairman (and current acting chairman), from USX-US Steel Group; Ed Ponko, secretary/treasurer, from Dietrich Industries Inc.


Manufacturers/Steel Producers/Converters: 31

Dealers/Distributors: 9

Contractors: New member category, so right now there are none.

Trade Associations: 11

Local Alliances: 8.

Benefits to its members:

• National participation in the guidance and governance of the NASFA, a serious and substantial effort to make steel framing the material of choice in residential construction.

• Regional participation in the establishment, guidance and leadership of regional alliances of companies working together to increase the use of steel framing in residential construction in local markets.

• Increased recognition, representation and participation in a market that represents an annual opportunity of over 14.5 million tons of steel and steel framing, 377,000 tons of zinc, 1.5 million screw guns and 38 billion screws.

• Up-to-date market information on housing starts and steel framing usage by geographic region, product application, residential construction market segment, and structural system.

• Up-to-date information on the progress being made to eliminate barriers to the widespread use of steel framing in residential construction.

• First-hand knowledge of leading-edge technical developments and innovations in residential steel framing products, assemblies, tools, fasteners, accessories, software, etc.

• Opportunities to participate in residential construction projects initiated and/or encouraged by NASFA.

• Access to experienced NASFA personnel and other industry professionals to facilitate efforts in the residential construction market.

• Annual comprehensive and quantitative market analysis and detailed report on the use of steel framing in residential construction.

• Password access to members-only section of the NASFA Web site.

• Inclusion in all NASFA promotional activities.

• Listing in NASFA membership directory and on NASFA Web site, including link to company Web site.

• Fifty percent off all NASFA technical and promotional publications.

• Blast fax of recent/urgent developments as needed.

• Quarterly membership newsletter.

• Membership plaque.

Resources for the wall and ceiling contractor:

• Research and development projects on new tooling, fastening and steel framing products (including thermal stud, new L-header, etc.).

• ANSI accredited standards for use in field while standards are evaluated by code bodies for acceptance into future building codes.

• Prescriptive Method for Residential Cold-Formed Steel Framing, basis for steel standards in CABO code and new IRC/IBC codes; new Year 2000 Edition just released with expanded load and span tables, new construction details, etc.

• SteelXpert, Estimating Software for Residential Steel Framing, based on the Prescriptive Method, which greatly simplifies the takeoff and estimating process for steel and saves up to three days of manual work.

• Low-Rise Residential Construction Details, new 103 standardized details for residential steel framing in floors, walls, roofs (rafters/joists), and other applications, using best practices observed in the field for the past 10 years.

• Many other technical and how-to publications, most downloadable from the Web site. Construction cost data being released from a time and motion study done for identical wood and steel-framed homes.

• Industry directory identifying names of more than 850 U.S. and Canadian companies involved in the use of steel in residential construction.

• Web site with all technical, practical, promotional and statistical information available.

Past accomplishments:

• Steel framing overall usage in residential construction has more than doubled in two years, since NASFA was formed in late 1998.

• NASFA can now accurately measure steel usage in the residential sector by framing application—three years of data (houses using steel by application) is on NASFA Web site.

• NASFA has trained more than 2,500 code officials across the United States, and will continue to train this group until all municipalities are familiar with steel framing building standards in the codes, the Prescriptive Method, and where to go for more information. NASFA is also promoting the speedy adoption of the new IRC/IBC codes in every jurisdiction it trains.

• NASFA has helped launch and promote the new estimating software, SteelXpert.

• NASFA has published several new useful publications, mentioned above, that help the framer build with steel.

Working on:

• Developing a cooperative research and development program with a tool manufacturer and others to produce a fastening system for steel that will connect steel studs together as quickly and as cost effectively as wood is connected today with a nail gun.

• Developing more tools for builders and framers that can be used to help them sell steel homes to their customer, the consumer, as well as other industry associates.

• Developing programs that add value to building with steel, including reduced insurance premiums for homeowners, reduced mortgage rates for homeowners, increased home appraisals.

• Developing a new industry trade show for residential steel framing.

• Working on the exhibit, promotion, public relations and educational programs for the International Builders Show in Atlanta, 2001.

• Developing a thermal stud to eliminate the need for thermal bridging material or require rigid foam board in colder climates.

• Educating and training the trades, code officials, architects, engineers and everyone else involved in the process of home building affected by the material used for the frame.

Future goals:

• Maximize current opportunities.

• Reduce costs of construction.

• Develop infrastructure.

• Implement standards.

• Improve thermal performance.

• Create consumer preference.

• Develop government support.

• Develop and maintain liaisons with stakeholders and influencers.

NASFA has the strong support of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the NAHB Research Center, among many other organizations and NASFA member companies, which has helped to build the tremendous tidal wave of awareness and use of steel in residential construction.


North American Steel

Framing Alliance

1726 M Street, NW, Suite 601

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(202) 785-2022

(202) 785-3856 fax

(800) 79-STEEL (Steel Home Hotline for publications and technical assistance)