The Optima is designed for the Blow-In Blanket System for use in new construction closed-cavity applications such as sidewalls, cathedral ceilings and floors. It installs up to 30 percent faster and, unlike most existing blown-in systems that require an adhesive mixed with the insulation, it is blown in dry without any additives. In addition, it eliminates the cold weather application problems related to using an adhesive. The insulation consists of two components: insulation and non-woven fabric. It is blown in behind the fabric into a wall cavity at a high density and provides the highest R-value possible in typical sidewall applications. The fabric prohibits insulation from falling out of the cavity and reduces fiber fly. When installed at recommended density levels, it yields an R-15 in 2-inch-by-4-inch construction and R-23 in 2-inch-by-6-inch construction. It will not settle or separate and no gaps or voids will occur with the insulation so it will maintain its thermal efficiency for the life of the home.