This month's letters comment on EIFS and announces the winner's to last month's question from the Up Front column.

Look but don’t touch?

Dear Nick,

I do drywall and had myself certified in a couple of brands of EIFS because it looked like I needed to in order to bid drywall on some projects. I love the look of EIFS, especially how they put build outs on, etc., but I’m scared to touch it having heard about so many lawsuits. I enjoy articles about the exterior cladding system—the trowel man in me appreciates what can be done (there is no better looking cladding for commercial or residential).

As long as I’m writing I’d like to tell you how much I enjoy the magazine. It has allowed me to make the best use of my time through the purchase of modern efficient tools—and more importantly to me—opened up creative avenues.


Adam Heckathorn,

Heckathorn Drywall,

Hibbing, Minn.

“Wall Street” winner

Dear Nick,

Thank you for the free travel coffee mug, it is really nice. Thank you for calling our company and talking to my husband, Brent Johnson. The name of our company is Applied Drywall & Texture LLC (dba Applied Spray & Texture), of Mound, Minn., located west of the Twin Cities on Lake Minnetonka. We offer complete drywall services, including installing drywall, taping and a variety of ceiling texture finishes. We perform services for builders, specialty general contractors and homeowners from small jobs to million-dollar residential homes.

As shown in the photo, in the brown flannel jacket is Brent Johnson (nickname “Bunt” from his childhood days, but it still works). Brent started the business 20 years ago as a subcontract sander, and then it grew into a full-time drywall company. Next to Brent is the wife, Christa Johnson (that’s me in the Polaris jacket, nickname “Chrissy,” hence the nautical nickname “Nautichrisea” because we have a 28-foot wood Chris-Craft cabin cruiser on Lake Minnetonka). I do the office work, Internet, marketing and other stuff. In the blue sweatshirt is our nephew Don Johnson (nickname “Lightning”—must be because he is a fast taper or something like that), who runs the taping crew. In the brown jacket is our son, Shane Johnson (nickname “School Boy” because he started working for dad when he was on the work program in high school, now we sometimes call him “Captain Shano” because he has a 1947 21-foot wood Higgens boat, which is cool with the chicks when you live on Lake Minnetonka) who runs the spray truck. On the far left is Terry Reno (nickname “Cub”) who works on the spray truck, as well.


Applied Drywall & Texture LLC,

Mound, Minn.

Chrissy was correct to name “Gordon Gekko,” the Michael Douglas character from Oliver Stone’s “Wall Street” (1987), in reference to Editor Nick Moretti’s question of name-the-source (Up Front, W&C, Jan. 03): “The most valuable commodity I know of is information.”