Dear Editor,

I just can’t pass this one up. Michael Gardner is quite wrong. In his All Things Gypsum column, “Dealing with Shoulders and Ridging” (May 2007), he claims that drywall manufacturers are pure as the driven snow in maintaining ASTM standards. He says that shoulders are caused by “irregularities in the framing.” You’ve got to be kidding me! It only happens occasionally, but sometimes the board will have a swell off the recessed seam while laying flat in the stock on the floor. It always comes from the same unit of gypsum board. This is evidence that the rollers were too tight somewhere in the manufacturing process!

Do the manufacturers even have quality control people? We (the drywall appliers and finishers) have to deal with manufacturer irregularities on a regular basis. It goes with the trade. But don’t quote some ASTM standard that is maintained when it is not. It makes it sound like a pass-the-buck effort to avoid litigation. (Sounds a little like the “flashing” issue).

Next time, ask a professional.

Rocky Wolf
Rock Wolf Drywall Contractors
Columbia, Calif.

Editor’s note: We asked Michael Gardner if he would like to reply to Mr. Wolf’s letter and he sent this response: “Despite Mr. Wolf’s opinions to the contrary, we believe that we objectively discussed the issues involved in the original article. We appreciate receiving his input and stand by the information as it was originally presented.”