Metal cutting saw by Milwaukee Electric Tools Corp.

The 8-Inch Metal Cutting Circular Saw is powered by a 13-amp 3,700-rpm motor and can easily cut through 1/4-inch plate material including mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel. It has a 29⁄16-inch cut depth for one pass through most metal stud, grating, panel and decking, and is the only corded metal cutting circular saw to feature a lower guard retraction lever for plunge cutting. The lever’s location, adjacent to the side handle, ensures that the user has both hands firmly on the saw throughout the cut. The saw also features a large, durable cut-depth adjustment lever and comfortable soft-grip handle and tactile front handle for user comfort and cut control, extending blade life. It includes a precise system of sight-line and point-of-entry indicators for straight, accurate cuts, which minimizes material use, extends valuable blade life.