Tech Tip

Fast Cap is a new one-piece way to finish arched doorways. It is available in an 18-foot length, allowing you to finish a full arched door without any seams. Two lengths are rolled in a box. It eliminates corner beads and special framing.

1. Unroll the Fast Cap flat onto the floor to let it relax. Frame your door opening as usual. No special framing or plywood is required.

2. Attach the top sheet of drywall across the opening. For a full arch, hold a string or chalk line from the center of the board and mark the radius as shown. Using a jab saw, cut along the pencil line and remove center portion. Repeat for the piece of drywall on the other side of the wall.

3. Thirty-inch- and 36-inch-wide openings will usually not require any blocking. If desired, screw in a few 2-by-4 pieces of support blocking. Dry fit the bead and cut to length. Liberally apply two beads of drywall stud adhesive or equivalent to both vertical studs.

4. It is helpful to get assistance from a co-worker for this last step. Install the 18-foot Fast Cap as shown. Use a 2-by-4 or a level to press the bead along the straight section of the door. Once the bead is lined up straight and plumb, staple along the mud leg. Repeat on the other side of the wall, and then on the other side of the opening. Finally, staple the arched portion into place. Your Fast Cap arched doorway is ready for compound.