USG to Cease Manufacturing Exterior Finish Products

USG Corp. announced it will discontinue the manufacture, promotion and sales of its entire line of exterior finish products used in water-managed, direct-applied exterior finish systems and water-managed EIFS on April 1.

The company will continue to manufacture and market its line of exterior substrate panels. USG will also maintain the warranties for all of its exterior products and systems that were sold, and will warrant the products and systems sold during this transition period.

For the past four years, USG has promoted the value of water-managed DEFS and EIFS, but feels water-managed systems have not been widely embraced as the industry standard. Consequently, the company has decided to exit the exterior finish products business.

USG will continue to meet the demand for all of its exterior finish products until April 1. After that date, the company will no longer manufacture these products and will sell only those products remaining in inventory.