A study has been released by Sto Corp. announcing the benefits of using EIFS instead of using brick on non-load bearing metal stud framing. The analysis offers basic information for EIFS applicators, building owners and design professionals to understand cost savings that can be had by using the exterior cladding in lieu of a brick veneer system. The savings are derived on the basis of allowable design deflection criteria for Sto's Insulated Wall Cladding vs. brick.

The study says the wall cladding has a maximum allowable deflection of L/240, while brick veneer has a maximum allowable deflection criteria of L/600. This means that because brick requires a stronger steel framing and EIFS is a lightweight product using lighter steel, the cost savings buying less material in metal studs will save up to 50 percent.

For the full analysis, visit www.stocorp.com/allweb.nsf/wclad