Topcon Corp. has announced that a letter of agreement has been signed with Komatsu Ltd. that will allow new Komatsu motor graders and bulldozers to be purchased with the desired Topcon automated machine control system as a factory-installed, standard equipment option. This agreement covers the Komatsu distribution network worldwide, and three-dimensional (GPS- and LPS-based) and two-dimensional (laser- and sonic-based) machine control systems manufactured by Topcon.

Under the agreement, Topcon and Komatsu will share information to ensure that the Topcon control platform and specified Komatsu machinery will maintain complete compatibility at a core technology level, designed to make both installation and operation of Topcon's productive control systems seamless. All "on-machine" components of the Topcon systems can be ordered directly from Komatsu, arriving at the Komatsu distributor pre-installed and ready to use. The Komatsu distributor will purchase "off-machine" components (GPS base stations, robotic control instruments, laser transmitters, etc.) from the local Topcon distributor. Field support can be provided by Komatsu or any authorized Topcon distributor.