Powers Fasteners Inc.

The Powers Trak-It W3-21FRH model has plastic collated 20º to 22º full round head nails for speed and efficiency in wood-to-wood high volume framing. With a larger .280-inch head diameter, the full round head nails meet all codes, are less expensive and have higher pullover value. The plastic collated nails also create a smaller hole in wood for high pullout. Designed for professional contractors, the model features a heavy-duty metal track, which is wide open for debris cleaning; fast two-step nail loading; a heavy duty steel nose and full round driver tip that lasts longer; one-finger easy adjustable depth control, and an aggressive round toe nailing tip for any angle and fast rotation. The unit also has a specially designed battery with a 5,700 shot capacity when fully charged. It has paper tape 34º offset round and clipped head nails with .250-inch diameter head. It is lightweight, easy to maneuver and has a five-tooth toenail. The 165 mm fuel cell works in both Paslode and Powers gas framing nailers.

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