Cordless impact driver

This new cordless 18-volt 1.5Ah impact driver combines the high torque of automotive wrenches with the precision of traditional driver drills. The driver includes an electric brake and is designed for use in fastening, driving and drilling applications. Compact and lightweight, the driver allows maneuverability in awkward or overhead applications. The lithium ion battery reduces the tool’s weight lessening user fatigue. The driver features a two-piece magnet motor with a tightening torque of 1150 in-lbs and its electronic feedback power control switch provides the user with equal torque and speed in both forward and reverse. The driver also features an integrated LED work light to illuminate dim workspaces.

Stainless steel pins

The new line of 300 series stainless steel pins are designed to ensure corrosion-free fastenings to cold-formed steel framing, 54 mil and lighter. Full round head knurled pins in stainless 316 and trim pins in stainless 304 protect the fastener from corrosion caused by atmospheric conditions, ACQ/CQ treated lumber and cedar siding. ET&F’s Model 610 Rockfast tool and Model 210 Trimfast tool complete the system.

Concrete drilling and anchor kit

This new kit is a collection of components specifically designed for the installation of anchors. The 9-piece kit comes in a case that is made to withstand even the most demanding worksite conditions. The kit includes a masonry screw drill bit holder and Allen wrench, drill bit sleeve, two sized carbide drill bits that feature a flat shank to reduce slippage, two magnetic nutsetters designed to eliminate dropped screws and reduce damage to the sleeve, and two Phillips head bits. The screw drill bit sleeve is able to work with both sizes of the drill bits, eliminating the need for two drills.

Gas-driven fastening system

Ergonomically designed, Hilti’s gas-driven fastening system allows contractors to drive nails in tight corners and narrow track profiles. Designed for a wide range of repetitive fastening jobs, the GX 120 drives nails into concrete, rendered masonry, sand-lime block, concrete block and steel with ease. It can drive 750 nails with a single gas can. In addition, a gas level indicator displays how much gas is left at the touch of a button, eliminating guesswork as well as the need to remove and check the can. The gas injection is electronically controlled so there is no battery to charge.

Polyurethane foam adhesive

The Handi-Stick adhesive is a one-component, pressurized polyurethane foam adhesive for ICF construction that is designed to create a strong, permanent bond while offering a three-minute open time to ensure quick bond strength. It cures when ambient moisture in the air reacts with the adhesive. Once mounted, more than 1,000 lineal feet of adhesive bead can be applied without changing cans. It was developed without VOCs, making it an environmentally-friendly product.

High-pressure fastener

This new High Pressure StepPin was created, tested and marketed to attach cold-formed steel track to concrete. Originally designed for use in 400 psi high pressure pneumatic tools, the new fastener has been improved with a rolled point with a smooth step shank that allows for fast, smooth penetration into 6,000 psi concrete.

Cordless screw gun

This screw gun is designed for large drywall applications with its lightweight, two-piece, ergonomic design. It accommodates 1-inch to 2-inch fasteners with 600 to 900 screws per battery charge and is durable and versatile. It is built for use in remodeling/punch-out applications, or where a corded tool is inconvenient or where electrical power is not an option.

Gas fastening system

The Trak-It C4 Gas Fastening system is a lightweight tool that has 130 joules of power to handle steel-to-steel, steel-to-concrete, and other applications. The 42-pin magazine holds a comprehensive range of pins from 3/4 to 2 9/16-inch lengths, making it a multi-purpose tool. This system is portable, eliminating the need for compressors and hoses.