The LOX screw design features eight contact points, twice as many as the four points of traditional Phillips or square recess. These eight points transfer strong torque, while holding a positive engagement, drive after drive, letting the tool do the work. With these screws, one doesn't have to bear down on the tool to prevent the bit from popping out. The company offers a full line of these screws for virtually every construction need. For fastening metal-to-metal or metal-to-wood, the Grabber Stabber Screw is available. This piercing screw has a ballistic point that can punch through 16 to 22 gauge steel like it's a piece of paper. And, because it's part of the LOX screw line, it features the eight contact points in a flat head to provide a flush, finished surface. This #8 screw is available in lengths from 11⁄4 to 3 inch and can be purchased boxed or collated for use with the SuperDrive system.

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