Scientific Certification Systems announces its SCS Sustainable Choice, a certification program that recognizes sustainability achievements and offers manufacturers a path of continuous improvement in environmental, social and product performance. The program is being launched in the building product sector with the carpet industry. To carry the SCS Sustainable Choice certification mark, carpet and rug products must demonstrate conformance with NSF-140 (2005), the "Sustainable Carpet Assessment Standard."

"SCS Sustainable Choice gives manufacturers a science-based methodology for documenting the ways in which they are reducing environmental impacts, improving social accountability, and enhancing product performance," said Kirsten Ritchie, director of Environmental Claims for Scientific Certification Systems. "Moreover, as a multifaceted rating system, the certification program inspires innovation and offers a roadmap for continuously improving the sustainability profile of carpets and rugs."

While the initial program targets the carpet and rug industry, future certifications will focus on textiles, furniture, other floor coverings, paints and adhesives.