Our March product focus features fasteners and fastening tools.

Dietrich Metal Framing

Extended FastClip Slide Clip deflection clips from Dietrich are used to attach exterior curtain wall studs to the building structure and provide for vertical building movement independent of the cold-formed steel framing. The clips are available in standard lengths of 8, 10 and 12 inches and are ideal for medium to larger standoff conditions. Custom lengths are also available. The clips install quickly with screws, welds or powder actuated fasteners, and provide adjustable standoff to ensure a plumb wall plane.

Powers Fasteners

Take powder actuated tools to new heights with the Smacker, Powers Fasteners’ adjustable extension system. Smacker’s 6-foot length, plus a pair of available 3-foot extensions, gives users a total added reach of 12 feet. Smacker features bump-and-move firing and eliminates the need to constantly move ladders, saving time and money. The universal cradle accommodates five different tools available through Powers.


The patented SpringShot Acoustical toggle is widely popular with the trades because of its ease of installation. Designers have recognized the SpringShot Acoustical toggle’s features as a significant advancement to traditional overhead fastening toggle bolts. The SpringShot’s self-centering washer is a vast improvement over old style acoustical toggles, making correct installation effortless. The patented spring action provides continuous pressure keeping the toggle fixed and secure, and won’t loosen over time even with vibration.


The new Bosch Power Tools and Accessories Screwgun line offers a compact and well-balanced design, universal-comfort grip ergonomics and the innovative Bosch Posi-Lock depth-retention nosepiece. Four basic models comprise the line: two drywall screwguns (SG45 and SG45M) and two high-torque drivers (SG25 and SG25MT). Bosch engineers specially focused on the contoured ergonomic grip area, unique trigger design and extended finger grip. Each screwgun comes with either a metal or durable plastic gear housing for cost-conscious contractors. The SG45 4,500-RPM, 6.2-amp screwgun features a plastic housing, while the SG45M 4,500-RPM, 7-amp screwgun offers a metal housing.

Simpson Strong-Tie

Simpson Strong-Tie is introducing a new powder actuated fastening tool, the PTP-27ASMAGR, to its Anchor Systems product line. The PTP-27ASMAGR is a 0.27-caliber, fully automatic tool with a rotational magazine for limited spaces. It is designed to be quick loading and easy to shoot, saving installers time on the job. The tool is also simple to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance. The PTP-27ASMAGR features a 10-fastener magazine, adjustable power for fastening versatility, reduced recoil and sound dampening muffler for quiet operation and a cushioned grip for added comfort.

Triangle Fasteners

Blazer Ultra from Triangle Fasteners Corp. are self-drilling fasteners specially designed for better installation. The No. 10 Hi-Hex has a 30 percent higher hex height over standard No. 10 drill screws providing better socket fit. The No. 12 Pilot, with a 20 percent longer pilot section, allows the fastener to complete the drilling operation before thread engagement, which eliminates “jacking” of the materials. The Lo-Profile has a pancake head with a No. 2 square drive for stability. The head is 12 percent thinner than round washer head fasteners, providing additional clearance.