The DWSE 6.3 corded screwdriver, featuring the 4.8-amp, 550-watt Marathon motor, provides 10 torque settings ranging from 27 to 159 inch pounds and is ideal for applications including cladding steel frame and prefabricated house construction. The tool is ideal for affixing self-drilling screws with or without sealing washers, as well as sheet metal and wood screws. It handles self-drilling screws up to 1/4-inch, self-tapping screws up to 5/16 inch and chipboard and wood screws from 1/8 to 5/16 inch. The tool features a two-piece depth stop (adjustable to 1/100 inch) that allows a screwdriver bit or nut setter to be replaced without losing the selected depth setting. The screwdriver also provides infinite speed adjustment and a patented reversing feature, permitting the direction of rotation to be reversed without losing power. The body weighs 4.5 pounds and features a durable die-cast aluminum housing that minimizes weight and effectively dissipates heat, to help maximize service life.

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