Steel Panel Foundations and Sanford Contracting last month announced a licensing agreement to manufacture and produce Steel Panel Foundations’ innovative end-to-end steel foundation system, the alternative to conventional cement foundations. Steel Panel Foundations will provide Sanford Contracting with the technology to construct the steel foundation system in its residential and light commercial building projects.

The agreement will provide opportunities for Sanford Contracting to install the Steel Panel Foundations system in its steel framing building projects in the Northeast. A leader in steel framing construction and finishing, Sanford Contracting will integrate the Steel Panel Foundations system, which employs modular, water-tight construction and enables builders and developers to construct watertight basement foundations year-round in less time and at lower cost than conventional cement foundations.

As part of the agreement, Sanford Contracting will fabricate the Steel Panel Foundation system components and assemble the system at installed building sites. The materials are made from 16-gauge studs for load-bearing walls and meet all foundation-bearing pressures. Its 16-inch on-center construction is fastened into the concrete footing. It is coated with polyurea for additional moisture resistance and is easily adaptable to meet various wall configurations, full load-bearing walls, daylight walls, frost walls, bridge-ledge walls, interior walls and multiple-above ground configurations. Because Steel Panel Foundations’ system is dry, there is no waiting for curing to take place and installation can take place year-round.