We appreciated Jeff Syken's Green Thumb column "Cover Story-Part Five" (September, Walls & Ceilings) about the benefits of USG's Fiberock Brand Aqua-Tough Sheathing products. As he accurately points out, these products were introduced in early 2000. The family of Fiberock products now includes:

  • Fiberock Brand Aqua-Tough Sheathing Panels
  • Fiberock Brand Aqua-Tough Underlayment
  • Fiberock Brand Aqua-Tough Tile Backerboard
  • Fiberock Brand Aqua-Tough Interior Panels
  • Fiberock Brand Abuse-Resistant Interior Panels
  • Fiberock Brand VHI (Very High Impact) Abuse-Resistant Interior Panels

All Fiberock products are now made at USG's plant in Gypsum, Ohio (the Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia, facility was closed several years ago).

The Aqua-Tough brand indicates that the panels are water resistant through the core-note that this includes our sheathing product. Additionally, a coating is applied to the surface to provide superior adhesive attachment of the finish materials.

Perlite is not used in the formulation of any of the Fiberock panels; the density is controlled by proprietary processing technology.

Currently, the standard widths of Fiberock panels are 36 and 48 inches. Although a common method for cutting the thicker panels is to use a mechanical saw, the 1/4- and 3/8-inch-thick products are easily scored and snapped.

We encourage W&C readers who are interested in learning more about this innovative product family to visit the USG Web site atwww.usg.comfor the latest technical information and specifications.

Scott Feste
Director, Engineered Panels
USG Corporation