Flex-Ability Concepts, pioneer in the development of flexible track products, has announced the launch of its updated website, www.flexabilityconcepts.com. The site offers in-depth information on the Flex-C Trac and Flex-C Plate systems, which provide an easy way for commercial and residential builders to frame high quality curves by utilizing a simple, flexible metal track. Information is also available regarding the company’s newest product, Quick Qurve Plate, a curvable OSB product used for creating fast, high quality curved wood framing applications.

Enhancements to the site include an Arc Length Calculator that allows the visitor to determine linear footage for a specified curved application. Also new to the site is the option to request a hardcopy radius template for a nominal fee. The template is prepared based on an easy-to-complete form submitted by the contractor and is returned to the contractor printed on a 10-foot piece of paper. The site also offers complete product information including specifications, engineering drawings, installation instructions and photo gallery.

“This updated website is part of our continuing efforts to make curved framing applications quick, easy and accurate,” says Robert Widmer, marketing manager of the Oklahoma City firm.