Reactor proportioner system

The Reactor E-Series is designed to apply foam, polyurea and other materials that require accurate temperatures and pressures. Upgraded with new technology, the reactor includes hybrid heaters, a temperature control board that allows easy component change-outs, and an upgraded heat transformer that does not require tap settings. Separate temperature and motor controls allow the user to quickly set, maintain and monitor machine performance. Digital controls, system diagnostics and an auto-shutdown feature prevents crossovers. Graco Reactor proportioners are available with air, electric or hydraulic pumps.

Portable texture sprayer

The Enforcer is a closed system sprayer that features a unique power hopper design. A pressurized tank feeds mud through a Sharpshooter 2.0 gun to ensure a consistent spray from beginning to end. A quick-fill plug allows the tank to be quickly refilled using a standard mud pump. It does not require cleaning and is portable. This sprayer works for knockdown, acoustics, EIFS, stucco, and cement-based materials.

Wide-pattern spray gun

The new Xiom 5000 Scorpion spray gun is designed to cover large areas. The patent-pending wide spray pattern nozzle is designed to eliminate nozzle clogging that results when the polymer material melts in the nozzle. The wide spray pattern is enhanced by a compression wave generated by two impinging burner cans. The gun uses propane and air rather than oxygen. One 20-pound propane tank will last for eight hours of spraying. It is completely portable and can adjust for different weather conditions or substrate thicknesses.

Drywall texture pumps

The T-Series is part of a new line of patented pumps designed to spray drywall textures. The 1-inch double-diaphram pump features a fluid flow rating of 35 gallons per minute. Lightweight at less than 60 pounds, it is designed to make loading and unloading a one-man job. With either pole or trigger gun attached, the pumps can handle a standard 50-foot texture hose or up to 25 feet of additional hose with a 5 horsepower compressor. An optional “fan” texture tip allows the user to spray the compound like paint.

Airless paint sprayer

The SL1500 was designed for use in spraying extremely heavy materials like wallboard mud and waterproofing coatings. The pump platform features a totally enclosed industrial 1.25 horsepower electric motor, which when used in conjunction with an oversized bottom-mounted foot valve, provides optimal suction for large demanding jobs. It features electronic pressure controls, a digital display, and an oversized prime valve to provide more durability when applying abrasive materials. It comes complete with hoses and spray gun.