Polyurethane Niches: Outwater Plastics Industries Inc.

The new Colossal Series of high-density polyurethane niches and pilasters are produced in rigid steel molds and can be used in virtually all types of commercial and residential environments. The niches are lightweight, strong and can be installed using traditional techniques and tools. Factory-primed in “soft white” and ready for immediate installation, the designs of this series of niches convey a physical and visual texture that allow for years of repeated painting, glazing or faux finishing, according to the manufacturer.

Decorative Vinyl Corner Bead: Trim-Tex Inc.

The Step A Bull bead in either a 1-1/2-inch or ¾-inch radius features 3/16-inch steps on both sides of the radius. It is designed for any outside corner, to create decorative columns, soffits, and niches. In addition to a distinctive new look, the 3/16-inch steps can be used to transition changing colors from one wall to the next. It is available in 8- and 10-foot lengths.

Exterior Trim: Brightside Inc.

This exterior dentil trim is designed to add architectural detail to brick, vinyl, fiber cement and wood siding without miters, face nailing, caulking or painting. They are designed with interlocking ends to create a seamless look with no gaps and 4-foot lengths to minimize waste. It is made of a U.V. stabilized polypropylene copolymer with molded-through color. It is available in 40 stock colors and paintable units and in two styles; traditional and scalloped.

PVC Molding: Koma Trim Products

The One-Piece Water Table is a flat board with an integral 15-degree water shed (1 3/4-inch projection), that is designed to increase the speed of a traditional installation. These fabricated boards are manufactured using a miter fold and weld technique, which creates a stiff board that installs flat. It is supplied in two widths (1 x 8-inch and 1 x 10-inch, 18 feet long) and is shipped in a two-board shrink-wrapped pack.

Pre-Assembled Dormer Kit: Fypon

This millwork kit is handcrafted from more than a dozen components and comes pre-assembled for easy installation. A half-inch exterior plywood template gives users a step-by-step visual pattern and explains where to cut out the window. The kit eliminates the need to have skilled carpenters on site to create dormer windows. Each kit includes a PVC backer board, right and left pilasters, a pediment, dormer return molding and a bottom sill. Each piece is made of tough, high-performance materials designed to resist splintering, decaying, insect infestation, water penetration and absorption.

Flexible Trim Molding: Resinart

DuraFlex is a urethane-based trim molding used for windows, arches, curved walls and other applications where bending is a necessity. It contains no VOCs, is environmentally friendly, is stainable with water-based stains, and does not contain mercury. It is also insect proof, moisture proof, and is designed to withstand extreme heat and cold without warping, cracking or deteriorating.

Gypsum-Coated Interior Trims: DecoraWall Construction Systems Inc.

Decoralite is a new lightweight foam molding designed for interior applications. It is made from an EPS foam core coated with a lightweight modified plaster to make it flexible and durable. It is designed not to shrink or crack, and to finish like a plaster molding to appear seamless. Its light weight reduces time and labor by allowing it to be cut and installed faster than traditional means.

Flexible Molding: NMC America Inc.

ARSTYL Flex polyurethane molding is lightweight for easy installation and allows it to curve around walls and flow together to create a complete look. The moldings are manufactured using aluminum molds and produced with an outer foil and acrylic primer to provide a smooth surface and the best paint bonding possible for long-term protection against scratches and humidity.