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Moldings for indirect lighting applications

Architectural Products by Outwater LLC

The company’s architectural molding and millwork offers economically priced, 100 percent recycled green cornice and crown moldings that have been specifically designed for use with indirect lighting. Manufactured to accept a variety of cove molding light fixtures without causing scalloped or uneven light dispersion and illumination, the moldings can also be used as a traditional cornice or crown molding without lighting if desired.

Ornamental trim moldings

James Hardie

The HardieTrim Crown Molding is a highly durable and dimensionally stable trim accessory that can be used as window ornamentals and to enhance the design of the roof line. The moldings are available in two profile sizes: 3¼ and 5¼ inch. The products are manufactured as part of the HardieZone System that provides exterior products with specific performance attributes relative to the climate where the product is being used. The moldings perform well in all climates, which allow the product to maintain long-term aesthetics compared to wood. Also, unlike PVC trims, the moldings are dimensionally stable while PVC expands and contracts with change in temperatures. The products come with a 15-year limited, transferable product warranty. These can be used in various applications such as a decorative trim transition from frieze board to soffit, window headers or as a gable trim accent.

Flexible trims and moldings


The company is expanding its product offering and introducing a new line of decorative flexible trims and mouldings to meet the needs of today’s residential, design and building marketplace. These products provide the look of carved wood without cracking, rotting or chipping and can be used indoors or outdoors in place of, or as an accessory to, wood. The Trim EZ Pro Series trims and moldings are custom made and easily bent or shaped for any curved or rounded decorative need, such as base molding on rounded walls, curves on crown moldings or casing on arched doorways and openings and custom window treatments. They are low maintenance and can be painted or stained to create any desired finish and compliment any room. Made from a high quality polymer composite, the finished products are free of VOC emissions and no trees are lost in the process.

Bullnose cornerbead


The company’s Mud Lock Technology is revealed with the new Mud Set Bead Product Line. These cornerbeads feature patented Mud Lock Technology with 350 percent more bonding surface at a lower cost. The beads will not dent or blister and absorb extreme impact. The engineered hole pattern allows excess mud to flow through and quickly self-level the bead, saving time and money. All beads are rust proof and do not promote mold growth. The Mud Set Bullnose Cornerbead matches all 3/4-inch R. Bullnose Archways, accessories and tools. Mud Lock Technology assures no cracks or call backs and is compatible with most hoppers and roller tools.

Paper-faced flexible corner trim

Phillips Mfg.

RollPRO paper-faced flexible corner trim is an easy to use product for drywall finishing. This product features a paper-faced corrosion-resistant flexible vinyl that flexes to any corner angle for quick, professionally finished inside and outside corners. The product is perfect for irregular drywall intersections and provides a smooth consistent finish with superior mud and paint adhesion. This product features proprietary high strength paper with durable fibers promoting high wet and tear strength. RollPRO is available in 3¼ inch width and comes in 100-foot rolls.