The International Code Council Board at its July 19 meeting approved the creation of a Sustainable Building Technology Committee (SBTC) to support its many ongoing efforts in green, sustainable and safe construction.

“The Board’s action is an important next step toward providing a valuable forum for the advancement of building science, as communities and industry look to the Council for guidance, technical standards and consensus in the increasingly important arena of green building,” said Code Council CEO Rick Weiland. “It reflects the Code Council’s commitment to confront both the challenge and opportunity to create energy-efficient and sustainable communities.” 

The SBTC will provide an open forum for discussion of sustainability and ensure that Code Council members and stakeholders have a key voice in the critical debate. Some of the tasks the committee will be charged with are: Developing proposed code changes, participating in the development of Council guidelines to assist members and jurisdictional authorities in implementing sustainable construction practices in their communities, providing input on related Council programs such as green training and a green certification program, and advising the Council’s Board of Directors regarding the development of new codes or standards in support of sustainable construction practices.

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