A Code Compliance Research Report has been issued for the accel-E Steel Thermal Efficient Panel wall system. The new report shows that the system is in compliance with both the 2006 IBC and the 2006 IRC.

“The CCRR provides the evidence, technical information and professional evaluation that building officials need to determine that the accel-E system complies with both the IBC and IRC codes,” said Andy Claypole, president of Accelerated Building Technologies LLC, which developed and markets the new system. “The new report provides designers and contractors with the necessary documentation for them to specify and install this innovative wall panel system on both commercial and residential structures.”

The report (CCRR-0121) encompasses the panel’s structural performance, fire resistance, acoustical and thermal properties. The report was issued by Architectural Testing Inc.

The product consists of energy-efficient structural insulating panels, formed using a proprietary production technology, which fuses the steel framing components and expandable polystyrene together to create lightweight, easy-to-handle panels.

The panels offer a number of advantages over traditional framing techniques and other panel systems, Claypole said. Since the EPS insulation is fused to the structural steel framing, air gaps are eliminated, allowing the STEP system to offer tested thermal values that surpasses the thermal performance of other framing techniques. Since the panels are designed specifically to each project’s specifications, on-site labor, waste and disposal costs are greatly reduced.

The system also provides other benefits, such as reducing the building’s heating and cooling costs. The panels are environmentally friendly, sustainable and recyclable, which makes them a contributor to LEED points.

The report is available on the Architectural Testing Inc. Web site atwww.archtest.com or through the Accelerated’s sitewww.accbt.com.