EROAD, a leading global fleet performance management partner, today announced the renewal of its contract with ABC Supply, the nation's largest wholesale distributor of roofing, siding, and other select exterior and interior building products. A partner of EROAD since 2019, ABC Supply currently utilizes Ehubo, the newly released MyEROAD application, and enterprise API to increase efficiency and compliance.

With a convenient and user-friendly interface, Ehubo contributes to the company's increased productivity through features such as automatic hours of service recording, reliable connectivity and route management services.

“We are extremely happy to be renewing our successful partnership with ABC Supply,” says Craig Marris, Executive Vice President of Mixed Fleets at EROAD. “Here at EROAD, we always strive to empower our customers with the information and tools they need to successfully transform their fleet operations. With our reliable data and analytics, our customers are able to observe data in real time and make the required decisions to improve a fleet's bottom line. Furthermore, with ABC Supply specifically, we were able to customize our APIs to the company's needs - leading to a fully integrated workflow that allows ABC Supply to scale the business as they grow.”

As well as in-cab technology, ABC Supply utilizes the MyEROAD web-based office solution alongside robust API integrations. With MyEROAD, fleet managers are given the tools necessary to increase convenience and flexibility. With the convenient interface, fleet managers can seamlessly track and manage fleet activity, monitor driver activity and communicate with drivers to provide real time feedback, whether that be regarding maintenance issues or driver safety.

Furthermore, EROAD's APIs allow ABC Supply to seamlessly integrate with other software and services as necessary - leading to a convenient, cohesive experience. In fact, EROAD scaled and customized its API to seamlessly meet the needs of ABC Supply's custom enterprise workflow, leading to the successful integration of both vehicle and driver systems.

“EROAD has been a valuable partner for us throughout the past few years and we look forward to continuing this relationship,” said Brian Widder, Manager of Driver Safety and Compliance at ABC Supply. “The EROAD team has gone beyond being just our technology provider and really acted as our trusted industry expert. EROAD's solutions have allowed us to reduce the time to manage unidentified drive times by 25% and caused a 50% reduction in hours of service violations when compared to our previous telematics provider.”