OLFA North America, marketer and distributor of crafting and cutting tools and blades, has redesigned its Web site to include an interactive Retail Store and Distributor locator.

Covering North America, the Web resource delivers a comprehensive database that allows consumers to find nearby outlets using the Retail Store Locator, and a Distributor Locator for the trade. The resource also has an “Add Your Store” feature to make it easy for independent retailers that sell OLFA products to post their outlets on the site. Searches may be conducted with postal codes or by street address, city and state within a choice of ranges from 10 to 250 miles. Mapping details, powered by Google, are also provided for easy directions.

The locator also offers a “Select Store Category” subfeature that helps narrow and refine searches by product category, so consumers can easily find stores that carry their product of interest. For more information, visitwww.olfa.com.