Accelerated Building Technologies

The accel-E steel thermal efficient panels are fabricated using a proprietary technology that fuses cold-formed steel framing members and expanded polystyrene insulation. Thus, framing, insulation and sheathing are all contained in a single system and installed in a single step. The panels are produced in 4-foot widths, and lock together with a tongue-and-groove design to mitigate air infiltration and improve energy efficiency. In general, by combining framing, insulation and sheathing into a single process, S.T.E.P. panels can reduce labor costs by up to 50 percent over traditional construction techniques, and the time required to erect walls can be reduced by as much as 66 percent. Window and door openings are pre-cut, and the open cavity simplifies the installation of electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems. The accel-E panels are produced in thicknesses of 5½ and 8 inches, and can be produced in virtually any height, limited only by the mode of transport. The materials used in the panels resist mold and mildew.

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