Two U.S. Senators have filed legislation to ban building products from China that have penetrated American job sites, most notably in the southern states and gulf area. The construction product most cited as inferior is Chinese imported drywall. Senators Bill Nelson, D.-Fla., and Mary Landrieu, D.-La., are pushing for a recall on the ban of gypsum drywall from Chinese makers.

The legislation urges the Consumer Product Safety Commission to take immediate action against Chinese gypsum entering the North American market. This move is largely prompted by the numerous homeowners complaining of sulfide gases emitted from the Pan Asian stock.

Robert Wexler, Congressman in D.-Fla., has filed legislation likewise in the House. Furthermore, he has urged that state’s Governor Charlie Crist to cite Florida a state of emergency over the product. If this legislation passes, homeowners could apply for federal loans for home repair.

The legislation also seeks for the CPSC to work with federal resources and the Environmental Protection Agency to determine hazards found in the gypsum board. This also would enable the legislation to seek the commission to prohibit imports until federal drywall safety standards are created.

Nelson and Landrieu said they want to help homeowners, through the legislation, with repair or replacement costs, which under their legislation would be the responsibility of the manufacturers.