Atlanta-based Georgia-Pacific Gypsum LLC has announced that two of its premier Dens interior gypsum panel products have passed the industry’s most stringent mold resistance test.

DensArmor Plus High-Performance Interior Panel and DensShield Tile Backer each passed the 12-week test, conducted in accordance with the US Environmental Protection Agency’s ASTM D 6329 protocol. The test - three times longer than ASTM D 3273, the current industry standard - was conducted by an independent third party, RTI International, at its facilities in Research Triangle Park, N.C., between February and June 2009.

“Both the length of the test and the fact that it used two of the most problematic species of mold found in buildings are indicative of the rigor of this mold resistance performance standard,” said Susan Raterman, founder and president of The Raterman Group Ltd. “These results raise the bar for the entire industry, and further illustrate Georgia-Pacific Gypsum’s leadership in product quality and innovation.” For more information about the EPA’s Environmental and Sustainable Technology Evaluations projects for microbial resistant building materials,