Times have been tough … especially for contractors. However, even in the best of times, most contractors are overwhelmed by the business side of their business. Even when they go to the classes and join the groups, the “fix” is often another binder that collects dust on the shelf. That’s why Biz Experts Al Levi and Ellen Rohr are kicking off a new concept Teleseminar Series: Step by Step Success Program, starting on Nov. 16, 2009.

Al Levi, one of the Most Influential 25 Contractors in the last quarter century (P&Mmagazine, March 2009) has been teaching solid business systems to contractors. As a third generation contractor, Al is especially familiar with family business dynamics and challenges. Ellen Rohr is the wife of a Plumber, and knows how it feels to wake up wondering how to make payroll. She helps contractors, and their spouses, keep track of the money, increase cash flow and get profitable. Al and El are regular contributors toRoofing ContractorandICS Cleaning Specialistmagazines.

The Step by Step Success program solves the “Contractor Overwhelm” issue by offering one simple, powerful business building Step at a time. Through interactive Teleseminars and one-to-one coaching in office hours, Al and El will help contractors implement one action each month that will help them make more money and start living a better life.

One simple step, one problem solved every month.

Topics include, Firefighting 101, which teaches you how to handle any problem, once and for all; establishing yourself as someone worth playing with, following and fighting for; and launching laser-focused direct marketing to get massive results on a shoestring budget. To learn more, visitwww.StepByStepBusinessBuilding.com.