ClarkWestern Building Systems

For strong head of wall deflection, and the benefit of horizontal drift movement, the company has introduced its MaxTrak Slotted Deflection Track and MaxTrak 2D Slotted Deflection & Drift Track. The MaxTrak system provides a positive attachment to interior and exterior wall framing, which increases the track’s allowable lateral loads and eliminates wall stud rotation. This connection allows the wall studs to move within the track legs so that the vertical live load movement of the building does not transfer axial loads to the wall studs. In addition, MaxTrak 2D also has slots in the web to allow for horizontal drift when seismic designs are required. The system is designed to replace conventional head‐of‐wall framing methods, such as deep leg deflection track, which requires the installation of lateral bracing, or double deflection track, which requires two special order tracks to be installed. The system simplifies the installation process by eliminating these additional components. Installation of MaxTrak is further aided by a guideline at the center of each slot to help installers quickly and accurately position the screw attachments.

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