StoPowerwall Stucco Systems was used for the Southface Energy Institute’s Eco Office in Atlanta. The Southface Eco Office has a LEED Platinum-level rating for New Construction from the U.S. Green Building Council.

“The Southface Eco Office is the result of a unique collaboration among Southface, the owner; Lord, Aeck & Sargent, the architect; Eco Office Contractors: A Green Building Consortium (of five builders); and others who have donated their services and dollars, as well as off-the shelf green building products and technologies, like Sto’s, that will be used in the Eco Office,” said Dennis Creech, executive director of Southface, a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable homes, workplaces and communities.

The three-story structure, approximately 10,000 square feet, serves as a model of environmentally responsible commercial construction and demonstrates that green commercial building creates a healthy and productive workplace with reduced operating costs. The Eco Office displays innovative ideas for saving energy and water, reducing waste, re-using and recycling materials, and maintaining a healthy indoor environment. 

The building is home to a two-story classroom, two private offices and workstations for the staff.

The Eco Office uses StoPowerwall (over Insulated Concrete Forms) and Sto Powerflex Silco.