A hybrid insulation system consisting of three CertainTeed Insulation products is contributing toward the LEED Platinum certification of a Centennial, Colo., home that will be used as an example to educate homeowners and the building industry about sustainable practices, systems and products.

One of the first LEED Platinum homes to be built in Colorado, the Wallace Home stands on the site of the former home of Al Wallace, founder of the Energy Environmental Corp. Wallace’s family was forced to evacuate on Nov. 22, 2007, when a fire took over the original structure. Wallace, who has 10 years experience in the sustainable building industry, decided to build an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly new home this year on the site to meet LEED Platinum standards. The house features a team of building products specified to achieve the desired LEED Platinum certification.

The insulation system specified for the project is designed to maximize the home’s energy efficiency, thermal control, and moisture management throughout with the high-efficiency combination of foam insulation, fiberglass insulation and a breathable vapor retarder. The wall cavities in the Wallace Home contain a 1-inch layer of CertainTeed Closed-Cell CertaSpray polyurethane foam insulation, a 4 1/2-inch blown-in layer of Optima Fiber Glass Insulation, and MemBrain, a vapor retarder, which protects the wall cavity and increases the system’s drying potential. Optima and MemBrain were additionally used to insulate the attic rafters. Denver contractor Division 7 Quality Insulation Systems installed these products.

“This application combines the air-sealing characteristics of foam insulation with the time-proven performance and lower cost of fiberglass insulation and the superior moisture management of a breathable vapor retarder,” said Randy Straight, manager of residential technical services for CertainTeed’s Insulation Group.

Energy Environmental plans to use the new timber-frame unit as a teaching tool to educate homeowners and building professionals about sustainable practices, systems and products. The home was featured during the 2008 Energy Star Summit in November.