Mark A. Thimons, PE, Deanna S. Lorincz, Aris Papadopoulos, Gilberto Perez, Kevin Hendry, and Michael McHenry

Mark A. Thimons, PE and Deanna S. Lorincz

The Steel Market Development Institute has announced that Mark A. Thimons, PE will be joining as the director of construction sustainability. The institute also has promoted Deanna S. Lorincz to senior director, SMDI Communications.

Aris Papadopoulos and Gilberto Perez

The Portland Cement Association Board of Directors elected Aris Papadopoulos as chairman and Gilberto Perez as vice chairman.

Kevin Hendry

Alabama Metal Industries Corp. (AMICO) has hired Kevin Hendry in greater Los Angeles as manufacturer’s rep for Southern California and Las Vegas areas. 

Michael McHenry

BASF has named Michael McHenry as vice president, Resins and Additives in North America.