In response to industry need for a drywall tool supplier, Wind-lock is now offering a complete line of tools and accessories for wallboard.

“We had heard from many of our EIFS and stucco customers who also carry drywall tools how much they would like it if they could get all of their tools and accessories from a single, reliable source,” said Matthew Thomas, national product manager for Drywall Tools at Wind-lock. “With additional market research and due diligence, we decided to make this happen for our customers.”

The company implemented a soft launch of the new product line in early November to a select group of its customers. Going to market with the company’s “What You Need, When You Need It” slogan, Wind-lock wanted to adequately stock all of its locations before executing a full launch.

The company is carrying tools that support all facets of drywall installation and finishing. As part of its launch, the company is providing new pre-paid freight programs along with special terms to maximize distributors’ cash flow and margins.