RotoZip announced that the company completely redesigned the RZ5 and RZ10 Spiral Sawtools and consolidated them into one model – the RZ1500. Added durability, a sturdy, easier-to-use attachment interface and an improved motor make this tool superior to its predecessors. The RZ1500 joins the RZ2000 in establishing the next generation of Spiral Saw technology. Core users, including remodelers, drywallers and tile installers know what they want in a professional-grade tool. Not only must it stand up to repeated use, a great tool (when used properly) will minimize job-site downtime in even those most demanding applications. Utilizing key insight from these trusted users, RotoZip sought to create a superior experience while improving overall quality and performance. The RZ1500 is more robust and longer lasting than previous tools. Its improved 5.7-amp motor offers two times the life of previous models while its in-line housing design efficiently secures the motor to reduce vibration and improve overall durability. Replaceable motor brushes allow for easy maintenance and further extend the life of the tool. Like the RZ2000, the RZ1500 includes a more intuitive, purpose-built platform that optimizes performance.

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