Interested in running a business like the guy driving the bus rather than the guy sitting at the bus stop?

The BNP Media’s Webinar, “Leadership Power: Are you an Owner or a Hostage?” will air at 1 p.m. Tuesday, April 12. The tutorial, by Al Levi, will show business owners how to run a company with less stress, plan for growth, train employees, structure time, delegate, lead and manage (two very different concepts).

Levy has been writing for BNP Media’s trade magazines for several years and is the owner and creator of Appleseed Business, Inc.. He’s shared tons of smart, field-tested expertise on marketing, management, and sales. He knows how to make your phone ring, how to keep your customers buying, and how to help your employees become your biggest assets. During this Webinar, Levy will help you build a foundation for success.

Register today ( and put April 12 on your calendar.

The Webinar is free and a creation of BNP Media’s Webinar Group. To watch our recently-posted slide show featuring design, construction, service, maintenance and mechanical system pros who are succeeding in spite of the tough market conditions.