The company has expanded its line with the addition of Strata-large scale panels in convex and concave which are available ready to install without assembly. The new ceiling system imparts a clean, custom look that offers the opportunity to include lighting to enhance the space. Strata are offered in 13 natural wood and 30 deco metal finishes and are an excellent way to coordinate with existing finishes, add visual impact to spaces and enhances design flexibility. The panel weighs only 11 ounces per square foot with a radius of 20 feet. The panels are available in 4-foot-by 8-foot, 4-foot by 10-foot, 4-foot by 12-foot or any custom sizes. The canopies are quick, easy to install and adjust to the desired hanging heights and angles and require no special tools or installation techniques. They can be suspended from the deck of an exposed structure, through a ceiling, directly attached to a drywall ceiling, under an existing standard suspended ceiling or on a wall.