Read about products from Owens Corning, Merlex Stucco Inc., Fabric Wallcraft of California Inc., 3form and more. 

Formaldehyde-Free Formulated Insulation

Owens Corning

EcoTouch Pink Fiberglas Insulation fuses the thermal and acoustical performance characteristics of the company’s insulation with its new PureFiber Technology. The result is a high-performance residential and commercial insulation made with natural materials and a minimum of 30 percent post-consumer recycled content and 50 percent total recycled content. The sustainable features of EcoTouch are:
  • Will help homeowners participate in glass recycling efforts, keeping waste out of landfills and turning it into usable products.

  • Is made with PureFiber Technology, with natural materials and a formaldehyde-free formulation. 

  • Every pound of glass fiber thermal insulation annually saves 12 times more energy than was originally used to produce it.

  • Will help new homes achieve energy-efficiency and green building certifications including the EPA’s Energy Star; the National Association of Home Builders’ National Green Building Standard; and the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

Fiber-Reinforced Exterior Plaster

Merlex Stucco Inc.

Insulex is a fiber-reinforced Portland cement exterior plaster for use in continuous insulation one coat stucco systems. This product may be used in conjunction with various foam substrates to create wall assemblies with higher insulation R values and improved crack- and water-resistance. The product may also be used over wood or gypsum backing and as a scratch and/or brown coat application for a conventional stucco system. Insulex Concentrate is mixed with sand on the job site. Insulex Sanded is available with premixed sand for convenience. The product contains 10 percent post-industrial recycled content or as an optional recycled aggregate for 33 percent recycled content and LEED credit.

Cellulose Fiber-Based Board Panels

Fabric Wallcraft of California Inc.

Murano Acoustics panels are composite cellulose fiber-based board products for interior wall and ceiling systems, engineered (slotted, grooved or perforated) to provide acoustic absorption in accordance with design specifications. The board surfaces are supplied raw. They are then finished (lacquered, veneered or painted) to meet the design requirements. The Eco Board used to fabricate the Murano Acoustics panels is made from recycled wheat straw, and bound with an MDI resin. The MDI adhesive is free of formaldehyde or other harmful volatile organic compounds. The board qualifies for the following LEED credits: MR3, MR 4.1., MR6 and IEQ 4.4.

High-Style Panels Made from Scrap


ReMix is a new product line that fuses recycled Varia Ecoresin trim slices to make panel options. The decorative “upcycled” panels provide sustainable products at a low price point. The panels can be used for vertical applications (doors, partitions, wall features), as well as in ceiling features and can even be specified in 3form pre-packaged Ready to Go solutions. Each panel includes 77.5 percent pre-consumer recycled content. The product is offered at a discount from standard 1/2 inch Varia Ecoresin and is available in five color themes and two pattern directions (parallel and offset).

Trowel Applied Wall Finish

Atova International

Marmorino Veneziano Carrara is a trowel applied wall finish based on slaked lime putty finely filtered and seasoned for at least six months. Its environmentally friendly formula is solvent free (no VOCs) and extremely low in chemical additives. Easy to apply, it has excellent filling power and resists aggression by molds and bacteria. The wall finish is suitable for decorative indoor wall surfaces. Carrara is used to create a true, marble-like finish smooth to the touch. From contemporary to Old World, Carrara Marmorino is an ideal product for projects.

Recycled Firestopping Insulation


SafingPaks are specifically designed for firestopping contractors, plumbers, electricians, HVAC and telecommunication installers. These products are precut pieces of the UL and Intertek (OPL) listed/tested Safing Insulation, packaged in a bag that offers a resealable opening and an easy-grip handle. The company’s Safing Insulation is engineered to provide life saving fire protection in floor/ceiling and wall penetrations, construction joints, and other firestopping applications. The packs also have a 75-percent recycled content.

Recycled Ceilings Program

Armstrong Ceilings

To help architects, building owners, and contractors quickly identify its ceilings with high post-consumer recycled content from reclaimed ceilings, Armstrong has initiated a new “Ceiling-2-Ceiling” designation. The initial products to receive the Ceiling-2-Ceiling designation are Cirrus and Ultima panels, both of which have a total recycled content of 80 percent, including 15 percent post-consumer. Recycled content levels contribute to LEED Materials & Resources Credit 4.1, 4.2 and are particularly important in projects seeking LEED certification in which the highest level of post-consumer content is desired. The recycling program enables building owners to ship mineral fiber and fiberglass ceilings from renovation projects to an Armstrong ceiling plant where they are used to manufacture new ceilings.  

Noise Reducing Gypsum Board

CertainTeed Gypsum

Achieving a high sound transmission class (STC) rating of 50 and higher, SilentFX is a cost-effective gypsum-board that helps building professionals achieve acoustical control with less material than traditional gypsum boards, saving on time and materials. It comprises Green Glue, a viscoelastic polymer, sandwiched between two Type X fire resistant gypsum boards. Providing enhanced protection against moisture and mold with M2Tech technology, SilentFX is GreenGuard Children and Schools Certified. Designed for use on interior walls and ceilings in either new construction or renovations over wood or steel framing, the board is easy to install and finish in a conventional fashion.

Green Batt and Blanket Insulation

Cellulose Material Solutions LLC

EcoCell batt and blanket insulation are Class A fire-rated cellulose insulation products. The products reduce air infiltration, control and deaden sound, and create quieter and more energy efficient structures. The products are made from recycled and renewable fibers, majority being post-consumer recycled newspaper, and are completely recyclable. The green manufacturing process uses less embodied energy and pollution and produces no scrap or waste. The batts are used to insulate sidewalls and attics; the blankets are used to insulate basements, crawl spaces and other unfinished areas.

Composite Intumescent Profiles

BlazeFrame Inc.

BlazeFrame composite steel/cured intumescent profiles are a green alternative for framing and sealing dynamic or static perimeter joints. Cured intumescent “piggybacked” on metal profiles reduces environmental impact (fuel, roads, traffic), consolidating joint protection and framing into a single shipment. Replacing wet-applied mastic materials improves indoor air quality eliminating VOCs, reduces shipping multiple containers of product, additional equipment, and applicators to and from project. Excess waste including over application, overspray, left in packaging, multiple containers (tubes, buckets, boxes, etc.) and disposal of non-biodegradable materials is eliminated. Electricity to run, water to clean, equipment, and contaminated runoff are eliminated from perimeter joint protection.