Vetter Windows & Doors

The ProV 300 Series expands the company's all-vinyl product offerings with windows that have an integral brickmould, a built-in J-channel and traditional wood window styling. Now available are single hung, single glider, picture and specialty shape units. The single-hung windows feature block-and-tackle balance systems in an easy-tilt design that allows for easy removal of the operating sash. The balance shoe locks when the sash is tilted out of the frame to prevent the sash from coming completely out of the frame. The recessed tilt latch keeps the window's interior lines clean. All products are made from an advanced select PVC containing high-impact acrylic modifiers and UV stabilizers that protect the vinyl from fading due to the elements. A 31⁄4-inch multi-chambered frame, fusion welded at the sash and frame joints, delivers superior insulation and thermal performance, and long-lasting durability. ProV Series products are available in white or sandtone with matching hardware.

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