Georgia-Pacific Gypsum has introduced an upgrade to its ToughRock line of paper-faced gypsum panels. The improved 1/2-inch gypsum boards are up to 25 percent lighter than traditional 1/2-inch wall and ceiling drywall products and have increased impact resistance for greater durability. The enhanced boards are now available through retail and distributor channels in Northern California, the Southeast (Georgia, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi and Tennessee) and the Midwest (Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri). Dens and ToughRock Brand Product Manager Warren Barber told Walls & Ceilings based on the “performance” of these regions, the latest ToughRock could be introduced elsewhere in the U.S. and Canada.

“Installers and subcontractors told us they are eager for a lighter board but they made it clear the board has to perform as well as our traditional drywall. With this new ToughRock gypsum board, we deliver a product that addresses the demand for lighter weight and provides superior strength compared to other boards in the market,” said Todd Kuykendall, director of Product Management.

Due to the product’s improved impact resistance, the boards are less subject to pre- and post-installation wear and tear. Its other attributes include:
  • Greater flexural strength, meaning the boards are less prone to breakage during handling and installation;
  • Sag resistance for ceiling use, which means one product can be used on walls and ceilings. The board conforms to applicable ASTM C 1396 standards;
  • Potential reduction in environmental impacts from transportation due to lighter weight products.
Both existing and improved 1/2-inch ToughRock are GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality Certified, GreenGuard Children & Schools Certified and listed in CHPS High Performance Product Database as a low emitting product.

The boards may qualify for LEED credit contribution in Materials and Resources-Recycled Content (MR4) and Materials and Resources-Regional Materials (MR 5.) To determine credit contribution, visitwww.gpgypsum.comand click on the “LEED Calculator” link.

“We’ve done extensive trialing in Northern California and Northern Indiana and we drew a lot from customer feedback,” Barber said.

So, will lighter board eventually become the new standard,W&Casked? Kuykendall and Barber seem to agree that’s where the industry is headed.