Walls & Ceilings recently conducted a Reader Profile/Preference Study which was done by BNP Media Market Research to find out how our readers prefer to receive their information, their usage of social media, and their feelings on industry publications. This study was sent out to 15,700 readers. If you took part in this study, thank you for your participation.

Here’s an overview of some of your preferences:

Media Access:

98 percent have Internet access

66 percent access the Internet for industry news specific to occupation

79 percent access information on their industry/occupation from trade magazines

Social Media:

54 percent use social media sites for business

57 percent prefer to receive information from trade magazines, 13 percent from trade shows, and 11

percent from social media

51 percent are interested in receiving industry updates through social media

Technology Usage:

Almost 50 percent of readers own a Smartphone

9 percent own an iPad

60 percent use Online Videos for business, and of those 84 percent prefer Instructional Videos and Product Demonstration Videos

Publication Recall/Usage:

91 percent said W&C is the one magazine most useful to them in their work

82 percent said W&C is the one Web site most useful to them in their work

98 percent of readers Authorize, Specify or Recommend Company Purchases

85 percent of readers agree that Advertising in W&C enhances a company’s image

94 percent have taken some Action as a result of seeing an advertisement in W&C

98 percent feel W&C is a reliable source for Industry Information

98 percent feel W&C is an Up-to-Date source for Information