Sto Corp. recently hired Jackson Productivity Research Inc. to objectively compare and evaluate the application times of StoGuard products and the leading spun-bonded olefin sheet wrap. The results showed StoGuard is easier and faster to install.

The company constructed a 672 square foot building to represent typical commercial conditions.

Application technicians installed each product according to its respective installation guidelines. The results confirmed that installing StoGuard spray-on building wrap is up to three times faster and easier compared to sheet wraps. This edge in the application time can save contactors up to 70 percent in labor costs.

“Many building wraps are not installed correctly,” said Lisa Petsko, product manager for Sto Corp. “This test compares ‘apples to apples’ in the installation process according to manufacturers’ specifications. If it’s not installed correctly, then building owners (and/or homeowners) are not having their home or building fully protected.”

Because the product is adhered to sheathing, it becomes a part of the overall physical structure. The company says there is no tearing or gapping between StoGuard and the sheathing, only smooth uninterrupted coverage. According to the study, this structural characteristic allows StoGuard to outperform sheet wraps.